In most seasons on the land, the week begins with meeting for prayer and worship. We share our hearts and plans. As our lives unfold, each individual and family has their own autonomy -some go about chores on the land, others go to their jobs in town or at the shop, while still others tackle a day of school. We often share meals in the evening and hang out around the fire several times a week. 

But Nomad’s Land is bigger than these 40 acres . . . and while certain activities are ongoing on the land, we continually find new ways to connect within the community and traveling culture. We have regular get-togethers, potlucks, and jam sessions that keep the place alive with cross-pollination and new relationships. We run a shop called Nomad Homestead Supply in Gadsden, where we sell new, used and vintage building materials and furniture. We have a seasonal travelers hostel open April- June and Sep-Nov each year. Many of the Nomads go to Rainbow Gatherings throughout the year where we help run the Jesus Kitchen! Come meet us in the woods, visit us in town or see us on the highway in the big ol' bus!