who we are

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Shallyn and Joshua Hanson

When Joshua and Shallyn first met, she was looking for an opportunity to get involved in missions and he was leading Jesus Loves You, a traveling kitchen in a caravan of funky busses touring the country sharing "the good news". Once very involved in New Age beliefs, Joshua came to the Lord through the hippie lifestyle and spiritual experiences that culminated in him literally running a bus into a church (the present day International House of Prayer in Kansas City)!  They married and their family quickly grew!  They kept up life on the road for a while, but eventually settled into their family farm in Kansas, and enjoyed the novelty of having a more stable nest to raise their children. 

Years later in Kansas, they began Kingdom Promotions, which organizes indie-Christian events and helps ministries and non-profit groups do creative fundraising by staffing nationwide events, including everything from NASCAR and PGA Golf, to college football games and state fairs.

Today, they enjoy this season of life at Nomad’s Land in Alabama, working at Nomad Homestead Supply and traveling in the winters and summers to Gatherings. Joshua and Shallyn lead outreaches into the woods with Jesus Kitchen, pass out bibles and free food in the parking lots of shows, staying connected to a traveling, missions-based lifestyle. While on the land, Joshua likes nothing better than to make all his calls from the seat of the tractor or the disc golf course, and Shallyn and the kids help with hospitality and events hosted at Nomad’s Land. They have a heart to see people connect relationally, and long to encourage others in their spiritual walk.


Sarah and Jared Dunham

Sarah and Jared are avid ‘interruptors—of—injustice—with--beauty' who are becoming parents in 2019. Sarah is an artist, and an advocate who loves cultivating community wherever she goes.  As a networker, she organized and directed three different network initiatives supporting organizations and churches addressing human trafficking and sexual exploitation around Boston and New England during her 8 years living in Boston MA.  Jared traveled Europe as the aroma of Christ among European punks, squatters, and anarchists for several years before returning to the US to walk along side youth and adults experiencing homelessness including 3 years in San Francisco and 2 in Boston. Recently, after their first year of marriage, they spent 17 months traveling all over the US and Canada living in their mini van, learning about regenerative agricultural based community, specifically getting an up close look at over 40 places practicing permaculture. They have come to Nomad's Land to have their first child and serve the community through hospitality, discipleship, therapeutic agriculture, and whatever else God may ask them to do while seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness here in northern Alabama.

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Ben and Teresa Pothier


Jordan and Daniel Shivers

Daniel and Jordan met in the winter of 2014 at their workplace, Eternal Word Television Network, the largest religious media network in the world. A lifelong Catholic, he spent his days as a troubleshooter and counselor, talking to viewers about anything from the program schedule to family troubles. She was newly baptized and dreaming of becoming a missionary and soaked up as much theology as possible. As much as they enjoyed working at EWTN, they shared a love of adventure and a heart for the poor, and they imagined living a life on the road together early in their relationship - though they weren't sure how it would look.  Once they were married, they quickly expected their first child, and their world shifted. But family life did not dull their desire to travel, or evangelize! An act of providence brought them to Nomad's Land as hostel guests in the spring of 2018, and they felt drawn to the community. That summer, they spent a week in the woods with Jesus Kitchen at the national Rainbow Gathering and received many confirmations, in prayer and in conversation, that they had found their place to proclaim the joy of Christ as a family.