Like the people we invite to Nomad’s Land, our work started on the road. In June 2010, our respective ministries — the Hansons' Jesus Loves You and the Armisteads'  Nomad’s Supply — joined together to begin building Nomad’s Land, and with it saw the answer to more than a decade of prayer. We had each been separately traveling and dreaming of creating a place for the nomadic subculture that would offer them hospitality and foster spiritual growth. When God connected us, we began to work together to make that vision a reality and purchased the property that is now Nomad’s Land. 

Once a horse farm and single-family residence, we (with the help of many friends) began transforming the property into a creative expression of community living. We imagined the horse barn becoming a giant living room. We saw converted school busses in the meadow and teepees on the hill. Today, these dreams are taking shape! The opportunities for innovative and imaginative projects — from natural and unconventional building to organic gardening and sustainable living — are an active part of the life we are building at Nomad’s Land. 

From the moment we set foot on the property we felt the peace of God and sensed that we were at home. We hope that anyone who finds their way here has a similar experience. We want Nomad’s Land to be a place where wanderers, adventurers, and life’s many travelers will find peace with their Creator and begin building a strong foundation of faith.