Life at Nomad’s Land integrates the kind of ongoing daily effort essential to building a community. Woven throughout the day-to-day activities of construction, mending, and cultivating life on the land, we incorporate conversations, times of prayer and worship, and reminders to reflect on God’s blessings. We want to take pause to consider the Almighty in even the seemingly mundane elements of everyday life. We treasure relationships at Nomad’s Land and know that each one of us has something to offer and to gain as we live together as believers. Our hope is that daily life at Nomad’s Land fosters a space for all of us to rest and grow in our relationship with Jesus and to walk alongside one another as we learn to hear and follow His lead. 

As each season brings new challenges, families, and hands-on work to Nomad’s Land, our daily tasks also change. Each day, however, remains anchored in our belief that relationship — to God and to one another — is essential. 

In most seasons on the land, the days begin with a morning meeting for prayer and worship. There we share our hearts and talk about the day’s plan. As the day unfolds, each individual and family has their own agenda. Some set about chores on the land, others go to their jobs outside the land, while still others set about a day of homeschool. We often share meals in the evening and fellowship around the fire several times a week. 

Nomad’s Land is expansive in its approach to connecting to those beyond our property. While certain activities are ongoing on the land, we continually find new ways to relate to those outside it. We have regular get-togethers, potlucks, and worship and jam sessions that keep the place alive with social cross-pollination, and allow us to constantly build new relationships.